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Misc. UVa Football Memorabilia
Full-Size Football
2004 Football Poster
2001 Football Poster
Full-Size Authentic Helmet
1990 Citrus Bowl Hat
Multi-Signed Items
ca. 1950s Virginia Banner
ca. 1960s Virginia Pennant
Banners & Pennants
10-7-40 College Topics
10-28-89 Univ. Journal
Old Newspapers
1984 Peach Bowl Bottle
2002 Tire Bowl Football
Bowl Game Items
1990 "Look Hoos #1"
Vintage Tee Shirts
ca. 1990s Virginia Pennant
1940s Scott Stadium
Other Items
Beer Stein
1970s Chip & Dip Full-Size Helmet
ca. 1970s UVa Football Bank
ca. 1970s Mini Helmet Lamp
1960s Scott Stadium
1920s Lambeth Field