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"It is the most important victory of my career." -- Head Coach Dick Voris, after the
Hoos’ 15-12 victory over Duke on September 27, 1958.  Voris finished his UVA career
with a record of 1-29.
"We've stopped recruiting young men who want to come here to be students first and
athletes second." -- Former Virginia head coach Sonny Randle, describing his strategy
for turning around UVA's football program
"As the score mounted, to 20-0 and finally 26-0, his movements slowed. With two
minutes to go and South Carolina threatening once more, Voris stood behind several
rows of substitutes, staring at his shoes." -- Sports Illustrated, describing Coach Voris’
stellar coaching performance during the Hoos’ 26-0 loss to South Carolina in 1960
"Really, Texas wasn't as good as I thought they'd be." -- Ted Manly, Virginia's
freshman quarterback, after Texas had spanked the Hoos 68-0
5 Questions with "All the Way" Ray Brown
Ray Brown played football at the University of Virginia from 1945-1947. Over those
three seasons, the Hoos compiled a record of 18-9-1 under head coaches Frank
Murray (1945) and Art Guepe (1946-1947), outscoring their opponents by an
average score of 25-12.

Much of the team's success during this period was directly attributable to the
talent and versatility of "All the Way" Ray Brown. In 1945, Mr. Brown scored 11
touchdowns and led the team in scoring with 66 points. In 1946, "All the Way" had
one of the most ridiculous seasons in UVA history, leading the team in passing,
rushing, total offense, kickoff returns, all-purpose yards, scoring, and
interceptions. "All the Way" was primed for another big season in 1947, but a hit
from one of his teammates knocked him out of action for 6 games.

Although Mr. Brown's football career ended more than 60 years ago, his name is
still scattered throughout UVA's record book. His four touchdowns against
Richmond in 1945 are the most ever scored by a sophomore. (Three players have
since tied his record – Gary Helman vs. William & Mary, 1969; Terry Kirby vs.
William & Mary, 1990; and Wali Lundy vs. Virginia Tech, 2003). In addition, he still
holds the UVA record for the highest rushing average in a single game (3 carries,
104 yards, 34.7 ypc vs. Hampden-Sydney, 1946), and his 79-yard touchdown in
that game is the 7th longest run in UVA history.

And the most amazing thing? He did all of this with only one thumb (see below).
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1.  How did you get the nickname "All the Way"?

I'm not sure who tagged me with the nickname "All The Way". It was possibly Chauncey
Durden of the Richmond Times Dispatch or the Sports Writer for the Daily Progress.

2.  Do you have any funny stories from your playing days?

Enclosed are two photos of me running as fast as I can, scared to death. The one
where I'm wearing #70 was a punt return for a touchdown against V.P.I. at their field.
After that punt return, a gentleman in Richmond named L. Gleason Gianinny, who was
listening to the game on the radio, ran out on the back porch to tell his wife, fell down
the steps and broke his arm!! I wrote him a note of thanks and sympathy. A couple of
games later, against West Virginia, we called a fake punt and I was fortunate to run for a
touchdown. I got a telegram from him that night, delivered to Memorial Gym during a
Spring Dance saying, "All The Way, what do you want me to do, break my neck?"

I have one more funny story to tell. I lost my left thumb in a childhood accident. We were
playing West Virginia in Charleston. It had rained the whole previous week. At that time I
was the team punter and warmed up on the cinder track surrounding the field. You
cannot believe the terrible condition of the field.

Every time I punted, the referee would let me use his towel to clean off my kicking shoe.
At half time, we showered in our uniforms to get the mud off! Somewhere in the third
quarter, we had third and short yardage and Charley Ellis, our quarterback called a
"Sneak". I was at left halfback and faked a wide run.

All of a sudden this cry of pain came out of the pileup. The referee dug into the players
and discovered the West Virginia guard had bitten Charley on his calf! He grabbed the
guy by the shoulder pads, shoved him towards his bench and said "you son of a bitch,
you're out of this game."  He was really pissed. Here we were, 21 other cold, wet,
muddy, puzzled players just standing there trying to figure out what was going to
happen next.

The referee whirled around and shouted "HOW LONG HAS THIS BEEN GOING ON?" I
stepped forward, stuck out my thumbless left hand and said, LOOK WHAT HE DID TO
ME IN THE FIRST QUARTER!  He was still so mad it took him a moment to understand
what I said. Then his eyes got as big as saucers and he started laughing so hard he
went over to the bench and sat down. The other officials asked him what was so funny.
When he told them, they all started laughing. We finally got back to playing football and
we won in a low scoring game. Someone sent the story into the NY Times and they had
a small clip on it in the sports page.

3.  I know you missed part of your senior season with an injury. What happened?

The final picture is an article telling my sad story of being injured prior to the start of my
last year. Coach Guepe wanted to run one more goal line play. A huge hole opened up
for me and I scored. I was standing there holding the ball and our defensive captain
was so pissed, he blind-sided me. I missed six games. The rest is history.

4.  What did you do when you left UVA?

I graduated at mid term and immediately joined the Davidson College coaching staff as
Backfield Coach. That Fall, we were going to play VMI and I was sent to Charlottesville
to scout the Keydets, who were playing UVA. When the train arrived in Charlottesville I
expected some old teammates to be there to greet me. NO ONE! I caught a cab and
asked the cabbie, "I bet you all miss Ray Brown, don’t you!"  WHO?

Anyway, I watched the whole game. Maybe one person spoke to me. I walked down on
the field to get the smell of the grass, feeling pretty low. Two young kids walked by me.
One turned around and looked at me. He jabbed his friend with his elbow and said
"ain't that Ray Brown?"  MY FANS!!!!  Where do I sign?

5.  What's your best memory from your time at UVA?

As for Best Memories, that's hard to answer. I think, just the fact of attending the
University, meeting so many great guys from all over the country, being involved in
athletics and student government were all just a part of a wonderful experience. Back in
those days we wore coats and ties (as well as shirts and pants) to class. The
professors called us "gentlemen", and 95% of the time we were. I am very proud to
have graduated from the University of Virginia, as I'm sure you are.
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