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Vol. 1: He's So Excited...and His Little White Shorts Just Can't Hide It
Who has two thumbs and is super-excited about being on Clemson's 1983
cheerleading squad? This guy!
Vol. 2: ...And a Rap by Little Old Me, Lamar
So I was looking through some old Sports Illustrateds awhile back and came
this truly horrifying picture of former UVA wide receiver John Ford.  How in
the hell did this happen? Did someone say, "Hey John, we know you're a football
player and all, but how about holding these stuffed animals and giving me your
Lamar Latrell face?" I find this completely befuddling.  (As an aside, Larry B.
Scott, the guy who played Lamar, also played hardcore rapper
Tasty-Taste in the
highly underrated mockumentary "Fear of a Black Hat" and good student-
turned-heroin junkie Benjie in "
A Hero Ain't Nothin' But a Sandwich," PLUS he
a member of the Cobra Kai dojo in "The Karate Kid."  That's a SOLID career
right there.)
Vol. 3: What Not to Wear
When Sonny Randle took over as the UVA head football coach in 1974, he boldly
proclaimed that he would "remove the stigma of 'losers' from this team."  So how
did he go about doing this?
By rocking some sweet-ass knickers!  Because as
everyone knows, nothing screams "I'm a winner!" quite like
a bunch of grown
men wearing knickers.  (As an aside, Randle was fired in 1975 after the Hoos
finished 1-10 and were outscored by an average of 39-16.
Even the cheerleaders
were depressed.)
Vol. 4: Separated at Birth
Frank Novak, UVA's offensive backs coach in the mid-1970s, and his slightly
more famous doppelganger.
Vol. 5: Thanks For Everything...What Was Your Name Again?
I wish I could remember which media guide I found this picture in.  On a positive
at least they were consistent.
Vol. 6: Separated at Birth (Name That Gender Edition)
Former Clemson football player Billy Willard bears a frightening resemblance to
Vol. 7: The Queen of Cockfest
So back in 1971, if your daughter called and informed you that her classmates
had selected her
the Queen of Cockfest, you were supposed to be...happy?
Vol. 8: 12th Man
Based on this picture from the 1976 Corks & Curls, I'm guessing we didn't have
much of a home field advantage back in the 1970s.
Vol. 9: Yambag Rodeo!
For Cedric's sake, let's hope this guy wasn't able to stay on for the full 8 seconds.
Vol. 10: Fore!
I was flipping through the 1970 Football Media Guide and came across this
picture of UVa's other head coaches.  One question - what the hell is going on
the golf coach? Does he have a shrunken head? Was he the real-life
inspiration for
Dorf on Golf (not to be confused, of course, with Dolph on Gorf)?
And speaking of Dorf on Golf, how is it possible that someone thought it was a
good idea to crank out SEVEN Dorf movies (Dorf on Golf,
Dorf's Golf Bible, Dorf
Goes Auto Racing, Dorf on the Diamond, Dorf and the First Games of Mt.
Olympus, Dorf Goes Fishing and Dorf Da Bingo King)? Color me perplexed.