Historical Stats & Info
"It is the most important victory of my career." -- Head Coach Dick Voris, after the
Hoos’ 15-12 victory over Duke on September 27, 1958.  Voris finished his UVA career
with a record of 1-29.
"We've stopped recruiting young men who want to come here to be students first and
athletes second." -- Former Virginia head coach Sonny Randle, describing his strategy
for turning around UVA's football program
"As the score mounted, to 20-0 and finally 26-0, his movements slowed. With two
minutes to go and South Carolina threatening once more, Voris stood behind several
rows of substitutes, staring at his shoes." -- Sports Illustrated, describing Coach Voris’
stellar coaching performance during the Hoos’ 26-0 loss to South Carolina in 1960
"Really, Texas wasn't as good as I thought they'd be." -- Ted Manly, Virginia's
freshman quarterback, after Texas had spanked the Hoos 68-0
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Random Musings
I can't remember exactly when this happened, but at some point during my research for this
ridiculous website, I started noticing that that there were a decent number of Virginia football
players with well-known nicknames. After doing some extensive research regarding the
historical, cultural, and linguistic significance of nicknames (translation: I spent five minutes
looking shit up on wikity-wikity-Wakopedia), I determined that the vast majority of Hoo nicknames
fall into one or more of the following categories. (Note: A full listing of the nicknames I've
compiled appears at the bottom of the page.  If there are any I've missed, shoot me an email at
From Bullet Bill to Biscuit:
A Compendium of Hoo Nicknames, Vol. II
Category: Initialization
The Skinny: A fancy-pants way of saying "referring to someone by their initials."  These
nicknames are solid but unspectacular, kind of the "turkey sandwich on white" of the nickname
Famous Examples: Lawrence Taylor ("LT"), LaDanian Tomlinson ("LT2"), Terrell Owens ("TO")
Wahoo Examples: Brandon Isaiah ("BI"), Terry Kirby ("TK"), Thomas Jones ("TJ")
Category: Hypocoristic Nicknames
The Skinny: Hypocoristic nicknames generally involve a shortening or modification of a
person's given name.
Famous Examples: John Matuszak ("Tooz"), John Riggins ("Riggo")
Wahoo Examples: Anthony Poindexter ("Dex"), Darryl Blackstock ("Black"), D'Brickashaw
Ferguson ("Brick"), Don Majkowski ("Majik"), Kai Parham ("Hammer")
Category:  The Bigs
The Skinny: It's hard to go wrong with a "Big" nickname.  But not impossible.
Famous Examples: Ben Roethlisberger ("Big Ben"), Dan Wilkinson ("Big Daddy"), Leon Lett
("Big Cat")
Wahoo Examples: Elton Brown ("Big E"), Heath Miller ("Big Money"), Austin Pasztor ("Big
Category:  Food Court
The Skinny: Guys who are named after food. Duh.
Famous Examples:  OJ Simpson ("Juice"), Floyd Womack ("Pork Chop")
Wahoo Examples:  Ray Roberts ("Puddin"), Almondo Curry ("Muffin"), Marques Hagans
("Biscuit"), Alvin Pearman ("Peaches"), Phillip Brown ("Peanut Butter"), Mikell Simpson ("Juice"),
Branden Albert ("Burger")
Category:  Old School
The Skinny: "Well, um, actually a pretty nice little Saturday, we're going to go to Home Depot.
Yeah, buy some wallpaper, maybe get some flooring, stuff like that. Maybe Bed, Bath, & Beyond,
I don't know, I don't know if we'll have enough time."
Famous Examples: Sammy Baugh ("Slingin' Sammy"), Joe Namath ("Broadway Joe"), Joe
Greene ("Mean Joe")
Wahoo Examples: Bill Dudley ("Bullet Bill"), Ray Brown ("All the Way Ray"), Jim Gillette ("The
Courtland Courier")
Category:  Hometown Pride
The Skinny: Represent!
Famous Examples: Gale Sayers ("Kansas Comet"), Christian Okoye ("Nigerian Nightmare")
Wahoo Examples: Jim Bakhtiar ("The Persian Prince," "The Iron Iranian"), Johnny Papit
("Philadelphia Express"), Darren Childs ("Cali"), Austin Pasztor ("Big Canada")
Category: Naughtyville
The Skinny: I don't care if I'm over 40, these nicknames make me laugh.
Famous Examples: Wang Zhizhi ("Big Wang")
Wahoo Examples: Howard Petty ("Beaver"), Ljubomir Stamenich ("Lube"), Clifton Richardson
Category:  Nicknames from Childhood
The Skinny: These nicknames are usually pretty awesome.
Famous Examples:  Craig Heyward ("Ironhead"), Dulymus McAllister ("Deuce")
Wahoo Examples: James Farrior ("Potsie"), William Clark ("Scooter"), Devon Battle ("Boo")
THE 411
Aaron Taliaferro
"The biblical reference was given to Taliaferro by
first-year defensive coordinator Jim Reid, citing the rise
from the bottom of the program's depth chart."
Adrian Gamble
Ahmad Hawkins
Hawk, Birdman
Hawkins seems to have picked up the nickname
"Birdman" in the Arena Football League.
Al Groh (Head Coach)
Mr. October, The
Chessmaster,  The
Chairman, The Pilot,
"We call him 'Jeezy,'" linebacker Denzel Burrell said,
"after the rapper, 'Young Jeezy.'"
Almondo Curry
"I've had (the nickname) ever since I was little. (My
friends and teammates) knew about my nickname
before I even started playing football. It just stuck with
me, I don't know why."
Alvin Pearman
Peaches, Sweet P
Neither of these is nearly cool enough for Pearman, but
Sweet P is at least tolerable. Peaches? Not so much.
Andrew Hoffman
Mongo, Paul Bunyon
Hoffman's high school teammates gave him the
nickname "Paul Bunyon."
Angelo Crowell
Crowell earned the nickname "Maximus," Russell
Crowe's character in Gladiator, after repeatedly quoting
lines from the movie during two-a-day practices prior to
his senior season.
Anthony Martinez
A-Rod pretty much ruined the "first initial - hyphen -
shortened version of last name" nickname for me.
Anthony Poindexter
Dex, Sexy Dexy
Former Hoo Todd White claimed that Poindexter's
sometimes referred to him as "Sexy Dexy."
Anthony Southern
"He's real big, he's real strong," said Virginia safety
Anthony Poindexter, who also is known for his hard hits.
"I don't like hitting him, to be honest with you. I hate it."  If
Dex didn't like hitting you, you were pretty much a
certified badass.
Antwoine Womack
"Sophomore tailback Antwoine Womack is called 'Wo' by
his teammates. That's also what defenses frequently
feel when he's in the game."
Asbury Sallenger
Atiim Kiambu
Hakeem-Ah Barber
Austin Pasztor
Big Canada
Barry Word
The Last Word
Bill Dudley
Bullet Bill
I read somewhere that "Bullet Bill" wasn't considered to
be all that fast. That's like...rain on your wedding day. Or
Bob Buchanan
Bob Cascella
The Tree
Bob Kowalkowsi
Big Kowal
Bob Paczkowski
Bob Prusmack
The Neck
Bob Tata (Assistant
Coach Po
Bob Weir
"He was a rock in everything he ever believed in, and you
just could not move him," said life-long friend Chuck
Noe. "He was a rock about values, about politics, and
about everything in life. You just could not move Bob
Boyd Page
Branden Albert
Burger, Boss Hog
When Albert was a teenager, a friend called him
"Cheeseburger" during a pick-up basketball game and
the name - which was later shortened to "Burger" - stuck.
 Former Hoo Jameel Sewell gave Albert the nickname
"Boss Hog."
Brandon Isaiah
Brian Bartholomes
Bart, Bartronix
Brennan Schmidt
Bronier Costas
Cedric Peerman
The Running
Reverend, Rev Run
Charles Way
Teacher's Pet
"In college, we used to call him 'Teacher's Pet.'  He
always did what he was supposed to do. Always on
time. Always a silent leader, led by example. He just
outworked whoever was in front of him." -- Percy
Chase Minnifield
Chase Manhattan
Chester Moeller
Chris Canty
Chris Gould
Gould was given the nickname "Beep" by his grandfather.
Chris Slade
The Blade
Per the 1991 Football Media Guide.
Chris Warren
According to a guy on this site, this was Warren’s
nickname in high school.
Clifton Richardson
Connor Hughes
Bonus points if Hughes was given this nickname when
someone saw him walking out of the shower.
Dan Ryczek
Daquan Romero
Pronounced "Day-Day"
Darren Childs
Darryl Blackstock
Black, dA pRinCe oF
bAd nEWz
Pro: "Black" is a pretty great nickname.
Con: I don't see myself greeting Blackstock with "What
up, Black?"
David Sullivan
Dassie Jones
D'Brickashaw Ferguson
One of the best nicknames ever for an o-lineman, in my
Demetrious Nicholson
Pronounced "Trey."
Demetrius Allen
Seriously, is "Pete" a commonly used shortened version
of "Demetrius," or is that just a Wahoo thing?
Denzel Burrell
Derek Dooley
"Back in Derek's college days at Virginia, [Derek's
mother] had bumper stickers printed up that she mailed
to Dooley's roommate, the starting quarterback. Barbara
believed her son, who played sparingly, deserved more
minutes and attention. What did the bumper stickers
say? 'Throw the ball to Precious.'"
Devon Battle
According to a buddy of mine who played Division 1
basketball, every team he played on growing up "had a
brother named Boo."  He also said most of them had a
guy named "Pookie."  (He's African American, so I
assume I can quote him using the word "brother," but I'm
not 100% certain. Can I get a ruling on that?)
Deyon Williams
Diamonte Bailey
Dick Ambrose
Bam Bam
Ambrose was given the nickname "Bam Bam" due to his
"hard-hitting style of play."
Dick Bestwick (Head
Daddy Dick
Don Majkowski
Majik, Majik Man
"[Magic Man"] was a neat nickname. I think that the name
has a little bit to do with some last-minute plays but has
more to do with people mispronouncing my name."
Donald Parker
Hula, Pineapple, Tiny
DreQuan Hoskey
Earle Neale
Neale got his nickname due to "his elusiveness on the
football field."
Eddie Robertson
Edward Carrington VIII
Elton Brown
Big E
Emmanuel Byers
Big Play
Byers was given the nickname by Anthony Poindexter.
Ernie Rogers
Eugene Mayer
Eugene Monroe
Best Buy, Moose, the
Godfather, Big Gene
the Blocking Machine
Monroe earned the nickname after camping out
overnight outside a local electronics store to purchase
an Xbox 360.
Fontel Mines
Frank C. McCue III (Team
Physician / Surgeon)
Frank Spaziani (Assistant
You know a nickname is the real deal when it's used to
a fake Twitter account.
Gary Helman
George Blackburn (Head
George Stetter
The Jet
George Welsh (Head
The Old Salt, Elvis
According to Herman Moore, Shawn Moore was
responsible for giving Welsh the nickname "Elvis."
Germane Crowell
Gilbert Sullivan
Greg Dickerhoof
Harold Hunt
Harrison Nesbit
Heath Miller
Big Money, Baby
Elton "Big-E" Brown was "the originator of the 'Baby
Shockey' tag."
Howard Petty
Hunter Richards
Hunter the Punter
Jacob Hodges
Rudy 2
Jake McGee
The Kid
Jamael Oronde Barber
Ronde, The GOAT
Raheem Morris, former coach of the Tampa Bay
Buccaneers, nicknamed Barber "The GOAT," which
stands for "Greatest Of All Time."
Jamaine Winborne
Bam Bam
Winborne earned the nickname "Bam Bam" while
attending Fork Union Military Academy due to
strength in the weight room despite his small frame."
James Farrior
Potsie, The Ultimate
Farrior's parents called him Potsie because they liked
"Happy Days" and he had a pot belly.
James Lacey
James Pearson
Jason Snelling
Snell, The Big Bruiser
Virginia's defensive backs gave Snelling the nickname
"The Big Bruiser."
Jason Wallace
The Fly
"Wallace is awesome.  He's like a little gnat.  That's why
we call him 'The Fly.'" -- Tony Covington
Javier Montanez
El Toro
Jeff Calamous
Jerrod Washington
Jim Bakhtiar
The Persian Prince,
The Iranian Prince,
The Iron Iranian
I'm guessing that this picture would cause a bit of a stir
these days.
Jim Gillette
The Courtland Courier
Jimmy Muscaro
Joe Crocker
John Naponick
Big John
Naponick was 6 feet, 9 inches tall and weighed 290
pounds. So, yeah.
John Phillips
Big Country, Baby Wit
John Rainey
Quite possibly the least intimidating nickname in the
history of ever.
John St. Clair
The Beast
St. Clair was given this nickname "because he was
notorious for manhandling opponents by their throats."
Johnny Papit
Rapid Papit, The
Philadelphia Express
John Thomas Womack III
Kameron Mack
Kayode Parham
Kai, Hammer
Hammer is a friggin' awesome nickname for a
Keith Payne
The Payne Train
Ken Shelton
There seems to be a bit of a disagreement as to the
derivation of this nickname.
Kevin Bradley
Kevin Brooks
Kevin Ogletree
Tree, KO
Remember when Tree Rollins bit Danny Ainge, leading
to the brilliant "Tree Bites Man" headline? That was pretty
Kevin Parks
Kwakou Robinson
Earthquake, Quake
LaChaston Smith
Ray Ray
Per the 2013 Spring Prospectus.
Lawrence Croft
The General
Ljubomir Stamenich
The Hoos paid tribute to Lube with a sticker on their
helmets after he passed away in 2005.
Malcolm Macgregor
Marques Hagans
Hagans was given the nickname "Biscuit" in 10th grade
by Muffin Curry. However, he has refused to reveal the
story behind the nickname.  Also, this picture rules.
Matt Blundin
Hoops, Werewolves of
"My friends on the football team called me 'Hoops.' Chris
Berman on ESPN called me 'Werewolves of Blundin.'
Last year, one of my students found it and got a few
others to help put together a video called Werewolves of
Matt Mihalik
"My first year at Gilmour [Academy] this one senior saw
me. In that show Bonanza, there is a cowboy named
Hoss and I kind of reminded him of that.  He called me
that and it's kind of stuck."
Maurice Covington
Mikell Simpson
Morgan Moses
Patrick Slebonick
Slebonick was given the nickname "Slebo" by then
offensive coordinator Mike Groh.
Paul Klingensmith
Paul Lockwood
Paul Reid
Paul Schrecker
Paul Yewisiak
Perry Jones
"Sometimes Virginia running back Perry Jones shows
up at practice, or even on game day, wearing a t-shirt
under his pads with a familiar red 'S' on the front."
Pete Gray
Peter Lalich
The Pistol
More like "The Bong Hit," amirite?
Phil Rogers
Phillip Brown
Peanut Butter
Ralph Shoaf
Buddy, The Sandman
In addition to playing football, Shoaf was a heavyweight
boxer at UVa. He earned the nickname "The Sandman"
because he "put opponents to sleep."
Rashawn Jackson
RaRa, RaRa Bus
Ras-I Dowling
Coach Mike London dubbed Dowling "Foots" after he
injured his foot his senior year.
Ray Roberts
Roberts was given the nickname by fellow lineman
Chris Borsari.
Raymond Mann
Killer Ray
Robert Kasonick
Ronald Similo
Ross Burbank
Burbank's beard earned him the nickname from strength
and conditioning coach Evan Marcus.
Sam Painter
Shawn Moore
"They got it from the dumb commercial for Dinty Moore
Beef Stew, and they spelled it wrong. They still call me
that today. Marcus Wilson gave it to me and it just stuck
with me."
Steve Greer
Cop Junior, Little Cop
Early in his career, Greer patterned much of what he did
after former Hoo and fellow linebacker Jon Copper.
Terry Kirby
TK, Midget
Per the 1991 Football Media Guide.
Theirrien Davis
"When I was younger I was at a birthday party.  This girl
said I looked like Rudy's friend Bud from the Cosby
Show.  [Rudy gave her friend the name Bud because
she didn't like his real name, Kenny.]  The name has
stuck ever since."
Thomas Jones
Definitely the second most popular "TJ" in Virginia
Tim Spruill
Instant Offense
Spruill was given the nickname "Instant Offense" in high
school, where he played quarterback and defensive
Tom Hagan
Tom Locklin
Locklin was given the nickname "Goob" by fellow
offensive lineman Bryan Heath.
Tony Covington
The Cov
Tyrone Davis
Vicquale Hall
Vic, Kale, X, Do-It-All
Former Hoo Clint Sintim gave Hall the moniker "Do-It-All
Vincent Brown (Assistant
The Undertaker
Picked up the nickname during his time with the Patriots.
William Clark
Clark's grandfather gave him the nickname "Scooter"
when he was six weeks old.
Willie Davis
Zac Yarborough
Zak Stair
Al Groh derisively referred to Stair as "One-a-Day"
because Stair
"committed at least one false start penalty
per practice."  Cause that's how Al Groh rolls.
Zane Parr
Big CC, Clark Kent
Parr was given the nickname "Big CC" in high school as
an homage to CC Sabbathia,
"because like the Yankees
star he was a big lefthander with a dominating fastball."
Multi-Player Nicknames
THE 411
1964 First Year Team
The 33 Jewels
Ronde & Tiki Barber
The Barbers of C'Ville
"The Barbers became so identifiable on the
Charlottesville, Va., campus that their nicknames were
the Barbers of C'Ville."
Tiki Barber & Ron Dayne
Thunder (Dayne) &
Lightning (Barber)
Saints coach Sean Payton coined the nicknames while
serving as the Giants' offensive coordinator.
Chris Slade & Terry Kirby
Thunder (Slade) &
Lightning (Kirby)
The nickname was used in the football program's
marketing materials for the 1992 season.
Robert Armstrong,
Ahmad Brooks & Keenan
The RAK Pack
"We've got a name for ourselves, we call each other the
RAK Pack, for Robert, Ahmad, and Keenan.  We are just
getting ready for Fork Union, and taking our game down
to prep school." -- Virginia signee Robert Armstrong,
who ended up enrolling at Maryland
Branden Albert, Will
Barker, Ian-Yates
Cunningham, Jordy
Lipsey & Eugene Monroe
The Hogs
"Hogs" was quarterback Jameel Sewell's nickname for
his starting offensive linemen.