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Item #7: Hate Week Edition, Part II
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Oddball Football Memorabilia
If you've spent more than five minutes on this website, it's pretty obvious
that I collect a lot of ridiculous crap. But even I draw the line somewhere.
For example, under no circumstances do I want
a sculpture of my favorite
player's head sitting around my house.  Some of these things scare the
piss out of me.  For example, I'm pretty sure if you make eye contact with
the DeMarcus Ware bust it comes to life and makes you reenact the gimp
scene from Pulp Fiction.  That seems like it would be a tough sell.  
(However, probably not as tough as convincing someone to shell out
for a Donovan McNabb Redskins bust.)  But Ware made out better than
some of the other players.  Troy Polamalu
looks like a chick.  Aaron
looks like a strung-out Justin Bieber.  Drew Brees looks like he's
about to burst into tears.  And Matt Schaub...poor Matt Schaub looks like
a googly-eyed Forrest Gump.
Herman Moore played in 146 regular season games during his NFL
career.  For 145 of those games, Moore sported the familiar #84 of the
Detroit Lions.  What many people don't know is that Moore played his
final NFL game as a member of the New York Giants, wearing #82.  After
the Lions released Moore in June 2002 and he failed to catch on with a
team that summer, it appeared that his career was over.  However, late
that season the Giants found themselves in need of wide receiver help
after a rash of injuries, and they signed Moore to a 1-year contract on
November 13, 2002.  Moore played in the Giants' week 12 matchup
against the Texans on November 24, 2002 and had 2 passes thrown his
Both passes were broken up.  When the Giants played the Titans
the following week, Moore did not see the field.  The Giants released him
4 days later.  Although Moore didn't record a single catch in his final NFL
game, the helmet he wore against the Texans (pictured
here, here, and
here) still managed to fetch $275 at auction.
Item #5: Business in the Front, Party in the Back
Although he is most remembered these days as the guy who got Wally
Pipp'd by Brett Favre, former UVa quarterback Don "Majik Man" Majkowski
was a burgeoning NFL star in his own right before injuries derailed his
career.  After taking over as the Packers' starting quarterback in 1989,
Majkowski proceeded to have one of the greatest seasons in team history,
leading the NFL in completions (353), attempts (599), and passing yards
(4,318), accounting for 32 touchdowns (27 passing, 5 rushing), finishing
second to 49ers quarterback Joe Montana in the MVP voting, and
the most dazzling head of hair in the NFL. Majkowski's stellar play helped
change  antiquated beliefs about mulleted quarterbacks within the
old-school football establishment, paving the way for the likes of
Jeff George,
Steve Taneyhill
, John Beck, and mullet-curious Ben Roethlisberger. The
reverence and respect for Majkowski's forward-thinking hairstyle is evident in
1990 Starting Lineup figure, which duplicates his mullet in impressive
Item #4: Bring Me the Head of Matt Schaub!
Item #3: Giant for a Day
Item #2: Hoo Let the Dogs Out?
Apparently there is a subset of collectors out there who buy McFarlane
figures and spend hours modifying and repainting them to resemble their
favorite players. I've come across some really cool ones of former UVa
players, including
Ronde and Tiki, Aaron Brooks, James Farrior, Marques
Hagans, Thomas Jones, Patrick Kerney, Heath Miller, Chris Long, Matt
Schaub, and Jamie Sharper (the Biscuit and Long figures in particular are
pretty sweet). Hell, I even found a guy who made
TWO John St. Clair
figures (one as a Chicago Bear, the other as a Cleveland Brown).
However, none of them can hold a candle to
this bad boy.
Item #1: Shawn Moore Visits the Magic Kingdom
This wire photo features UVa quarterback Shawn Moore - who is
straight-up PIMPING in what looks to be a black leather driving coat - and
Illinois nose tackle Moe Gardner hanging out at Disney World with Mickey
and Minnie Mouse on December 24, 1989, during the run-up to the Citrus
Bowl. The photo had a starting bid of $9.99 during a recent eBay auction,
but there were no takers.
Speling iz harrd.
Item #6: Hate Week Edition, Part I