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Quotable Quotes, Part II
"Coach Welsh thinks it's because this stuff is better. But if you have a potato instead of
a steak for breakfast, you're so mad you want to go out and kill." -- Antonio Rice,
explaining why the Hoos’ performance improved after Coach Welsh changed the
team's pregame meal from steak and eggs to pasta and pancakes
"I guess I'm just one of those guys whose confidence leaks out." -- Don Majkowski,
describing himself
“Ford developed his hands and 4.38 speed in Belle Glade, Florida by snagging mud
rabbits as they hopped out of cane fields set ablaze before the harvest. The snared
hares brought $1.50 a head from local families." -- Sports Illustrated, describing UVA
wide receiver John Ford’s unconventional training methods
"I never root for [UVA]. I don't care who they're playing. They could be playing Iraq and
I would root for Iraq." -- former Hokie quarterback Cam Young
"There he was - call him Everypreppy - Docksidered, khaki-trousered, navy-blazered,
prevented from embarking on the standard University of Virginia post-football-game
cocktail party crawl by one minor detail: this moron was hanging by the backs of his
knees from the
south goalpost at Scott Stadium, the very goalpost that hundreds of his
fellow students, also in semiformal attire and also presumably blotto, were in the
process of tearing down." -- Sports Illustrated, describing the post-game scene after
the Hoos’ first ever victory over Clemson in 1990
"Come November, you expect this type of game, a heart-stopping, cliff-hanging,
five-star, four-act drama on the football field. You expect it in Ann Arbor, Norman,
Okla., South Bend or Miami. But last Saturday there was a true gem between a couple
of unexpectedly undefeated teams in, of all places, Charlottesville, Va. Locals dubbed it
the Brawl for It All and the Thrilla in Charlottesvilla, and darned if the Virginia-Georgia
Tech showdown didn't live up to its billing." -- Sports Illustrated, describing the 1990
game between UVA and Georgia Tech
"Always before, people went to the football games because it was an excuse to get
drunk. When we started winning, people found themselves staying sober. It was all
very strange." -- UVA student Greg Canty, explaining the mass disorientation among
his fellow students during the 1979 season, when the Hoos finished 6-5
"I doubt Bruce Smith can even spell his name." -- UVA Linebacker Charles McDaniel,
after the Hokies shut out the Hoos in 1983
"He's the ideal college quarterback.  He's capable of doing everything you ask…as long
as you don't ask for too much." -- George Welsh, describing starting quarterback Don
"I think the rivalry, unfortunately, has become more one-sided in favor of Tech. Their
support of the rivalry and their hatred for Virginia is alive and well…I think ours, for
some people, has subsided to the point where it’s not healthy. It’s not OK to lose that
game. I don’t accept us being second-tier in the state. That’s where we are right now
and we’ve got to do something about it." -- former UVA linebacker and all-around
badass Charles McDaniel, after the Hoos’ 2007 loss to Virginia Tech
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