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Quotable Quotes, Part III
"If you weren't ready to practice, George would throw your ass off the football
field. There were times where he would throw the coaches off the field, too,
because he didn't feel they were ready."  -- Shawn Moore
"The brainchild of Sports Promotion Director Todd Turner, who described it
as 'an entertainment device,' the Hoo...debuted at Virginia's home opener
against Duke on Sept. 3 and promptly (1) was showered with ice cubes from
detractors in the stands and (2) suffered the forced removal of its tongue by
pie-eyed fraternity boys. Because of fear of further violence, the Hoo (with a
student inside) appeared only briefly on the sidelines during the Navy game
on Sept. 10." -- Sports Illustrated, describing UVA's ill-fated (and short-lived)
"Hoo" mascot
"One thing I could never understand about Steve Spurrier, and you can quote
me, we scored touchdowns on seven straight possessions in that game.
And...it could've been worse. And then he said, Well, we should have been
champions, because we beat the kings. They beat Clemson, and we didn't.
I'll tell you what. I might have been able to score 70 that night if I wanted to."  --
George Welsh, responding to Steve Spurrier's claim that Duke, not UVA,
should have received the ACC's berth in the 1989 Citrus Bowl
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UVA Football - Random Musings
"[Coach Welsh] would throw anybody out of practice, including Tiki Barber,
anybody. Once, he threw both teams and the coaching staff off the field and
make them stand on the sidelines."  -- former Welsh assistant Danny Wilmer
"It was a frenzy on campus.  People were going crazy. A lot of the players
joked about it. We were known back then - and even now - as an academic
school. It's almost like having Harvard be No. 1 in college basketball."  --
Shawn Moore, describing what it was like when UVA was ranked #1 in 1990
"They just lined up and ran it down our throats."  -- Virginia Tech LB Bobby
Martin, after UVA knocked off Virginia Tech 32-25 in 1989
"I've never been part of a championship team ever. It's an amazing feeling.
Like climbing Mount Everest or something." -- WR Tim Finkelston, on being
ACC co-champions in 1989
"I was with a couple of guys the other day and they said, 'No, he was in."  I
said, 'the hell he was.'"  -- George Welsh, on Warrick Dunn's last second dive
for the goal line against Virginia in 1995
"When I was playing for the Patriots, I remember guys coming up to me and
saying, 'Who's that guy playing safety for you guys? He's an animal. He's a
beast.'"  -- Chris Slade on Anthony Poindexter
"Anthony Poindexter was created to be a great football player. He had size,
speed and great instincts, and no concern for his body -- or anyone else's he
hit.  There is such a thing as no physical fear, and not many people have it.
But he did."  -- George Welsh
"You'd see him play and say, 'Who's that dude at safety just knocking people
out?'" -- former Virginia assistant coach Mike London on Anthony Poindexter
"George looked at me square in the eye and said, 'Art, just don't screw him
up.'  That was my mission for four years."  -- former Virginia assistant coach
Art Markos on Anthony Poindexter
"Dex is still the best football player I have ever seen on a football field at any
level.  Had his career gone a different way, everyone who watched him knew
he would end up in Canton, there just wasn't another spot capable of
containing that talent."  -- Noel LaMontagne