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Quotable Quotes, Part IV: Let's Talk About Dex
"When were in games and it looked like things were falling part, he would
just take over." -- Bob Christmas, Poindexter's high school coach at
Jefferson Forest
"He was a coach's dream." -- Art Markos
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Random Musings
"As a player, he was just ferocious. He was well-respected, and not just by
his peers in college. When I was playing for the Patriots, I remember guys
coming up to me and saying, 'Who's that guy playing safety for you guys?
He's an animal. He's a beast.'" -- Chris Slade, All-American defensive end
at Virginia
"Out of all the great players who played before me and played after me at
UVa, Anthony Poindexter is the one guy I wish I'd had the opportunity to play
with." -- Chris Slade
"Dex is UVa football. You say Anthony Poindexter, and people think UVa
football." -- Butch Jefferson
"He was probably smaller than the rest of us, honestly, till about the 10th
grade. But he still hit harder than anybody else." -- Ryan Gilleland, former
UVa baseball player and Poindexter's lifelong friend
"You don't get many like Anthony in a lifetime." -- George Welsh
"He had...no concern for his body - or anyone else's he hit.  There is such a
thing as no physical fear, and not many people have it. But he did."  --
George Welsh
"You'd see him play and say, 'Who's that dude at safety just knocking people
out?'" -- Mike London, head coach at Virginia
"George looked at me square in the eye and said, 'Art, just don't screw him
up.'  That was my mission for four years." -- Art Markos, former assistant
coach at Virginia
"Dex is still the best football player I have ever seen on a football field at any
level.  Had his career gone a different way, everyone who watched him knew
he would end up in Canton, there just wasn't another spot capable of
containing that talent."  -- Noel LaMontagne, former teammate and
All-American offensive lineman at Virginia
"A linebacker playing safety." -- Byron Thweatt, former teammate and
All-ACC linebacker at Virginia
"You couldn't help but look up to him. He's a wonderful human being." --
Byron Thweatt
"If he was a Marine and a grenade came in the foxhole, he's the kind of guy
who would dive on it to save the unit." -- Rick Lantz, former defensive
coordinator at Virginia
"He's the ultimate teammate, the ultimate leader." -- Butch Jefferson, former
teammate at Jefferson Forest and Virginia
"Anthony Poindexter was created to be a great football player." -- George
Welsh, head coach at Virginia from 1982 to 2000
"He was the fiercest hitter [I've] ever seen in college football...If he were
around today, he would be a walking ESPN highlight tape." -- Jerry Ratcliffe,
Daily Progress
Last month, the National Football Foundation announced that Poindexter
was one of 76 players listed on the 2012 College Football Hall of Fame
ballot. To honor this occasion, our crack research team scoured the
HoosFootball.com archives and the world wide interwebs for quips and
quotes that capture the essence of the man we call Dex.
The Ferocious Hitter:
The Natural Talent:
"I'd rather hit than be hit." -- Anthony Poindexter
Anthony Poindexter was, without question, one of the greatest players and
hardest hitters in the history of UVa football. The 1998 ACC Defensive
Player of the Year, Poindexter earned 1st Team All-ACC honors three times.
Poindexter also earned 1st Team All-America honors in 1997 and 1998,
joining Chris Slade as the only two-time 1st Team All-Americans in UVa
"Our scouting report said he's the best safety in the nation, and after today,
I'd have to agree." -- Duke quarterback Spencer Romine, after Poindexter
intercepted two passes, recovered two fumbles and forced another in the
Hoos' 24-0 victory over the Blue Devils in 1998
A Leader of Men:
The Final Word: