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And taking Shawn Moore's place at the top of the list...
Quest for the Holy Grail(s)
After eleven long years of searching, I was finally able to track down one of Shawn Moore's jerseys from
his time with the Denver Broncos.  So I figured now would be a good time to update my list of "most
wanted" UVA-related memorabilia items.  I'm willing to pay top dollar for any of the following. Because that's
how I roll.
A first edition copy of "Airballs and Cockpunches: The Keith Jenifer Story."  
Olden Polynice's headphones (gently used).
Nikki Fisher's jheri-mullet wig. (I refuse to believe that was his real hair. No one has hair this
magnificent.  Except maybe Kirk Cameron.)
A vintage "My Two Favorite Daniels are Jack and Jeff" tee shirt.  (I actually thought about making these
when I was in college in honor of Jeff "The Human Floor Burn" Daniels.  I don't remember Daniels ever
playing more than 60 consecutive seconds without being sprawled out on the floor, knees and elbows
flying everywhere.  That guy was money.)
Aaron Mundy's all-weather fur coat. (My roommate and I saw Mundy walking to class one day wearing
what appeared to be a full-length fur coat.  This was especially noteworthy because it was
approximately 97 degrees outside at the time.)
"This One Goes to 11: A Layman's Guide to Offensive Formations," autographed by Mark Cooke.  (I
actually really liked Cooke.  During basketball season, he used to put on a SHOW during pre-game
warmups. We used to get there early just to watch Cooke sink 25-foot bank shots and Dirk Katstra
throw down 50 or so pre-game dunks.)
Jason Cain's game-used mustache.
A bootleg copy of Elton "E-Pudding" Brown and Pete "MC Sweaty Pete" Gillen performing a very
special version of Nelly's blockbuster hit "Hot in Herre":
    Its gettin hot in here (so hot)
    So I can't play defense
    (MC Sweaty Pete)
    I am gettin' so hot, I'd better waste a timeout.
Bruce McGonigal's missing dog.
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