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UVa Football Hair Hall of Fame
The Don Majkowski Hall of Mullets
PJ Killian
Mapp Young
Jake McInerney
Chris Stearns
Tim O'Connor
Russ Henderson
Kevin Hillerich
Sean Scott
Lenny Pritchard
Tim Samec
Wayne Morrison
Kevin Vanderbeek
Mark Dixon
The Ron Jeremy Hall of Porn 'Staches
Kevin Vanderbeek
Eyebrow Emporium
Bobby McGrail
Billy Williams
Clifton Harris
Joe Carnuche
Troy Raines
The Oscar Gamble Wing
Andre Grier
Derrick Glasper
Kevin Bowie
Billy Harris
Pat MacLeod
Steve Sermonet
Tommy Vigorito
Ken Newsome
Mohawk Nation
John Ford
Stuart Mines
Mike Fetsko
Ebony & Ivory
Kevin Ferguson
Chris Long
Black Guys with Mullets
White Guys with Braids