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Patch Duda (2006-2008)
Trey Womack (2006-2008)
Dan Wellman (2005)
Ron Morton (2002-2004)
Noah Greenbaum (2003)
Antwoine Womack (2000-2001)
Sharif Rosales-Webb (1999)
Johnny Ponder (1996-1998)
Symmion Willis (1992-1995)
Hoo Wore it Best? #1 - Don Majkowski
Majkowski was never named to the All-ACC team, and his numbers
weren't eye-popping (he only completed more than 50% of his passes
one season, and he never threw for more than 1,375 yards). But he led
the Hoos in total offense three straight seasons (1984-1986), finishing
his career second in school history, and accounted for 34 career
touchdowns. More importantly, he brought a little swagger to the
quarterback position and, of course, helped lead Virginia to its first
ever bowl game, throwing for one touchdown and running for another
in the Hoos' 27-24 victory over Purdue in the 1984 Peach Bowl.
Also Receiving Consideration: Antwoine Womack led the ACC in rushing in 2000, and was named
to the All-ACC team twice (2nd team in 1998, 1st team in 2000).  However, he only wore #1 his final
two seasons (2000 and 2001).  In 1997 and 1998,
Womack wore #8.
Andy Bell (1991)
Myron Martin (1989-1990)
Tim Moss (1988-1989)
Don Majkowski (1983-1986)
Wayne Morrison (1980-1982)
Drew Schuett (1976-1977)
Harry Martin (1936)
John Leys (1935)
William C. Luke (1928)
Players Who Have Worn #1:
Random Musings
Odds & Ends: Symmion Willis was listed as #1 in the 1995 Media Guide, but he left the team before
the season began and didn't play a down that year. Also, my buddy Steve reminded me that Darryl
Blackstock wore #1 against Fresno State in the 2004 MPC Computer Bowl.  The number change
was supposed to signify Blackstock's newfound dedication to working hard and becoming a better
player heading into his senior year.  He turned pro two weeks later.