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Ausar Walcott (2008-2009)
Robert Randolph (2008)
Nate Lyles (2004-2007)
Carson Ward (2003)
Jerton Evans (1999-2002)
Dillon Taylor (1995-1998)
Charles Way (1991-1994)
Mapp Young (1990)
Donald Bryant (1986-1989)
Buddy Omohundro (1988)
Charles McDaniel (1982-1985)
Steve Morse (1981)
Hoo Wore it Best? #30 - Charles McDaniel
Charles McDaniel played linebacker for UVA from 1982-1985. He was a
starter from day one, leading the team with 109 tackles as a freshman.
In 1983, McDaniel set a UVA record with 130 tackles, was named
Honorable Mention All-ACC by the AP, and helped lead the Hoos to only
their third winning season in 29 years.  In 1984, McDaniel led UVA in
tackles for the third straight season, finishing with 101, and was named
1st Team All-ACC and Honorable Mention All-America by the AP.  He
also helped lead UVA to its first bowl game in school history, a 27-24
victory over Purdue. McDaniel was named a team captain his senior
season, and the Hoos finished with a winning record for the third
straight season - the first time that had happened since the early
1950s.  When McDaniel finished his career, he held the UVA record for
most solo tackles in a game, season, and career.  He also held the
record for most total tackles in a career with 432, a record that held up
until Jamie Sharper surpassed him in 1996. (Sharper finished with
435.) McDaniel also had one of the greatest quotes in the history of the
UVA-Virginia Tech rivalry, stating after the 1983 game that "I doubt
Bruce Smith can even spell his name."  That just rules.
Also Receiving Consideration:  Charles Way played running back / fullback for UVA from 1991-1994.
 He was Honorable Mention All-ACC in 1993 and 1994, and was a team captain his senior season.
Bert Krupp (1979-1981)
Chad Silliman (1978)
Wagner Ramsey (1975-1976)
Chuck Belic (1970-1972)
Peter Schmidt (1967-1969)
Ken Spisso (1966)
Rust (1959)
Joseph Black (1946)
Bill Moore (1944)
Murden (1940)
Fred Cramer (1935)
Players Who Have Worn #30:
Random Musings
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