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Ian-Yates Cunningham (2003-2007)
Joe Holt (2000-2002)
Noel LaMontagne (1996-1999)
Jason Augustino (1994-1995)
Bill Edwards (1989-1993)
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Lenny Pritchard (1985)
Tom Kilgannon (1981-1984)
Hoo Wore it Best? #77 - Noel LaMontagne, G/T
LaMontagne has one of the most impressive resumes of any player to
come through the program. He was voted 1st Team All-ACC in
consecutive seasons (1998 and 1999), becoming UVA's first offensive
lineman to accomplish that feat since Ray Roberts.  He was selected
as a team captain in 1999, and was named to two All-America teams
after that season (1st Team All-America by The Sporting News, 2nd
Team All-America by College & Pro Football Newsweekly).  Best of all,
LaMontagne was a badass student - he was a member of the ACC
All-Academic team in 1998 and 1999, and he won the ACC's Tatum
Award as its top scholar athlete.
Also Receiving Consideration:  Jason Augustino was voted Honorable Mention All-ACC in 1994,
and 1st Team All-ACC in 1995.
Mickey Thompson (1979-1980)
Jeff Morrow (1979)
Howard Brooks (1978)
Greg Brown (1977)
Rich Mallory (1974-1976)
Paul Silas (1972-1973)
Abby Sallenger (1969-1970)
Tom Zellers (1965-1966)
Rich Myers (1962-1964)
Ronald Gassert (1959-1961)
Joseph White (1956-1957)
William Bonney (1954)
Players Who Have Worn #77:
Random Musings
Odds & Ends:  During his redshirt season (1995), LaMontagne wore #74. He switched to #77 the
following season, after Jason Augustino graduated.LaMontagne wore #57 in the 1998 Peach Bowl
in honor of fellow offensive lineman and roommate Fady Chamoun, who had suffered a
season-ending knee injury in the season finale against Virginia Tech.