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Photo Summary (pdf)
Written Summary
Coach: George Welsh   Record: 9-4   ACC: 7-1   Home: 5-1   Away: 3-3   Neutral: 1-0   PF: 378   PA: 270
Roster & Statistics
Offensive & Defensive Leaders
ACC Standings
Final AP & USA Today Rankings
Box Scores
Starting Lineups
Individual and Team Statistics
Passing: Mike Groh, 182-330, 2510 yards, 15 YDs, 10 INTs
Rushing: Tiki Barber, 265 carries, 1,397 yards, 14 TDs
Receptions: Patrick Jeffers, 34 receptions, 3 TDs
Receiving Yards: Demetrius Allen, 652 yards, 3 TDs
Scoring: Tiki Barber, 96 points
Tackles: James Farrior, 122
Tackles for Loss: Duane Ashman, 12
Sacks: Duane Ashman & Jon Harris, 6
Interceptions: Percy Ellsworth & Paul London, 6
Blue jersey, blue pants
Blue jersey, white pants
vs. Georgia Tech; vs. Wake Forest; vs. Duke; vs. Florida State;
vs. Virginia Tech
White jersey, blue pants
@ Michigan; @ Clemson; @ UNC; @ Texas; @ Maryland; vs.
White jersey, white pants
Need Game Photos
vs. William & Mary; @ NC State
1995 Season
Captains: Jason Augustino, Mike Groh, Skeet Jones
Players Drafted: Patrick Jeffers, 5th Round (159), Broncos
Awards & Honors:
Will Brice: 1st Team All-America by the Football Writers
Association of America; 2nd Team All-America by The Sporting
News; 1st Team All-ACC
Percy Ellsworth: 1st Team All-America by The Football News and
the All-American Football Foundation; 2nd Team All-America by
the AP; 1st Team All-ACC
Tiki Barber: 3rd Team All-America by College Sports; Honorable
Mention All-America by The Football News; Finalist for the Doak
Walker Award; 1st Team All-ACC
Ronde Barber: 3rd Team All-America by College Sports; 1st Team
Rafael Garcia: 3rd Team All-America by College Sports; 1st Team
Jason Augustino: 1st Team All-ACC
James Farrior: 2nd Team All-ACC
Mike Groh: 2nd Team All-ACC
Chris Harrison: 2nd Team All-ACC
Todd White: 2nd Team All-ACC
Demetrius "Pete" Allen: Honorable Mention All-ACC
Duane Ashman: Honorable Mention All-ACC
Joe Crocker: Honorable Mention All-ACC
Walt Derey: Honorable Mention All-ACC
Jon Harris: Honorable Mention All-ACC
Patrick Jeffers: Honorable Mention All-ACC
Paul London: Honorable Mention All-ACC
Bobby Neely: Honorable Mention All-ACC
Anthony Poindexter: Honorable Mention All-ACC
Jeremy Raley: Honorable Mention All-ACC
Jamie Sharper: Honorable Mention All-ACC
John Slocum: Honorable Mention All-ACC
Game Notes
at #14 Michigan
(Pigskin Classic)
L, 18-17
This one was about as painful as it gets.
vs. William & Mary
W, 40-16
Kevin Brooks (110 yards, 1 TD) and Tiki Barber (99 yards,
1 TD) lead the way as the Hoos play their first home game
on natural grass in 22 years.
at #23 NC State
W, 29-24
The Hoos win a seesaw battle (4 lead changes in the last
8:46) when Tiki rushes for a 1-yard TD with 13 seconds
vs. Georgia Tech
W, 41-14
Tiki ties the modern UVA record with 4 rushing TDs as the
Hoos storm back from a 7-0 deficit with 6 unanswered
at Clemson
W, 22-3
After 18 straight losses, the Hoos get their first win in
Death Valley.
vs. Wake Forest
W, 35-17
So is "Pete" the generally accepted nickname for guys
named "Demetrius"?
at UNC
L, 22-17
In retrospect, this is a game the Hoos should have won
pretty handily.
vs. Duke
W, 44-30
Duke was actually leading by 11 at halftime. That's almost
at #15 Texas
L, 17-16
I accidentally picked up Phil Dawson in one of my fantasy
football leagues a couple years back. I still haven't forgiven
vs. #2 Florida State
W, 33-28
I missed this game because my girlfriend (now wife)
bought us tickets to a Carrot Top show in Hagerstown,
Maryland. I wish I was kidding.
at Maryland
W, 21-18
The Hoos move to 7-1 in the ACC and clinch a share of the
conference title.
vs. #20 Virginia Tech
L, 36-29
This one was a full-on cockpunch. Just ask Joe Gieck.
vs. Georgia
(Peach Bowl)
W, 34-27
Pete Allen's 83-yard kickoff return with less than a minute
remaining lifts the Hoos over Georgia.
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