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Coach: George Welsh   Record: 7-4   ACC: 5-3   Home: 5-2   Away: 2-2   Neutral: 0-0   PF: 277   PA: 242
Roster & Statistics
Offensive & Defensive Leaders
ACC Standings
Box Scores
Starting Lineups
Individual Statistics
Team Statistics
Passing: Aaron Brooks, 164-270, 2282 yards, 20 TDs, 7 INTs
Rushing: Thomas Jones, 201 carries, 692 yards, 4 TDs
Receiving: Germane Crowell, 53 receptions, 969 yards, 9 TDs
Scoring: Germane Crowell & John Allen Roberts, 56 points
Tackles: Wali Rainer, 118
Tackles for Loss: Wali Rainer, 15
Sacks: Wali Rainer, 8
Interceptions: Anthony Poindexter, 4
Blue jersey, blue pants
Blue jersey, white pants
vs. Auburn; vs. Richmond; vs. Wake Forest; vs. Duke; vs. Georgia
Tech; vs. Virginia Tech
White jersey, blue pants
@ UNC; @Maryland; @ NC State
White jersey, white pants
Need Game Photo
at Clemson; vs. FSU
1997 Season
Game Notes
vs. #16 Auburn
L, 28-17
Aaron Brooks throws for 305 yards and 2 TDs in his first
collegiate start.
vs. Richmond
W, 26-7
Thomas Jones tops 100 yards for the first time, finishing with
118 yards and 1 TD.
at UNC
L, 48-20
Brutal ass-kicking is partially overshadowed when one of the refs
has a heart attack during the game. (Obviously he recovered.
Otherwise I’d have to be a pretty big douche to bring it up.)
vs. Wake Forest
W, 21-13
Weird game. Brooks is almost perfect (17-20) and the defense
picks off three passes (returning one for a TD) and holds Wake to
37 yards rushing, but Hoos are looking at a loss before scoring
two TDs in the last 5:29.
at Clemson
W, 21-7
Wali Rainer plays like somebody talked bad about his mama
(21 tackles, 3 sacks, and a fumble recovery) as the Hoos win
their second game in a row in Death Valley, improving to
2-17-1 all-time.
vs. Duke
W, 13-10
George Welsh passes former Clemson coach Frank Howard on
the all-time ACC wins list, later prank calls Howard and yells
"I've got your 'white meat' right here, beeeyotch!"
vs. #3 Florida State
L, 47-21
The Noles score 3 TDs on their first 5 plays, hold the Hoos to -9
yards rushing.
at Maryland
W, 45-0
Ah, the Ron Vanderlinden era.
vs. Georgia Tech
W, 35-31
Anthony Southern scores with just over a minute left as the
Hoos come back to top the Jackets in an offensive slugest (875
total yards, only 3 punts).
at N.C. State
L, 31-24
I was positive Torry Holt was going to be a bust in the NFL. I
also thought New Coke was a super-awesome idea.
vs. #21 Virginia Tech
W, 34-20
Brooks throws for a school record 390 yards and 4 TDs as the
Hoos clinch their 11th straight season with 7 or more wins.
Captains: Doug Karczewski, Anthony Poindexter
Players Drafted: Germane Crowell, 2nd Round (50), Lions; Doug
Karczewski, 5th Round (141), Jets
Awards & Honors:
Anthony Poindexter: 1st Team All-America by The Sporting
News; 2nd Team All-America by College & Pro Football
Newsweekly; 3rd Team All-America by the AP; semifinalist for
the Jim Thorpe Award; 1st Team All-ACC
Antonio Dingle: 1st Team All-ACC
Doug Karczewski: 2nd Team All-ACC
Germane Crowell: Honorable Mention All-ACC
Patrick Kerney: Honorable Mention All-ACC
Wali Rainer: Honorable Mention All-ACC
Dwayne Stukes: Honorable Mention All-ACC
Byron Thweatt: 1st Team Freshman All-America by The
Sporting News
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