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Coach: George Welsh   Record: 7-5   ACC: 5-3   Home: 3-3   Away: 4-1   Neutral: 0-1   PF: 345   PA: 365
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Team Statistics - Game by Game
Passing: Dan Ellis, 156-258, 2050 yards, 20 TDs
Rushing: Thomas Jones, 334 rushes, 1798 yards, 16 TDs
Receiving: Billy McMullen, 28 catches, 483 yards, 6TDs
Scoring: Thomas Jones, 102 points
Tackles: Shannon Taylor, 81
Tackles for Loss: Shannon Taylor, 15
Sacks: Shannon Taylor, 6
Interceptions: Jerton Evans, 4
Blue jersey, blue pants
Blue jersey, white pants
vs. Wake Forest; vs. Virginia Tech; vs. Duke; vs. FSU; vs.
Georgia Tech; vs. Buffalo; vs. Illinois
White jersey, blue pants
@ UNC; @ Clemson; @ NC State; @ Maryland
White jersey, white pants
1999 Season
Game Notes
at UNC
W, 20-17
Todd Braverman kicks a 50-yard field goal with 27
seconds left to lift the Hoos over the Heels.
at Clemson
L, 33-14
The Hoos fall behind 33-0 before closing the gap with a
couple of late scores.
vs. Wake Forest
W, 35-7
Coach Welsh blows a snot-rocket on live television for
the 43rd consecutive game.
at #17 BYU
W, 45-40
The Hoos go up 28-6, narrowly avert monumental
vs. #8 Virginia Tech
L, 31-7
Dan Ellis finishes with 11 carries for -35 yards. That's
not very good.
vs. Duke
L, 24-17
Move along. Nothing to see here.
at NC State
W, 47-26
Thomas Jones and Billy McMullen combine for 324
yards and 5 TDs as the Hoos outscore NC State 30-0 in
the 3rd quarter.
vs. #1 Florida State
L, 35-10
The Hoos led 10-7 at halftime. So there's that.
vs. #7 Georgia Tech
W, 45-38
You can't stop David Rivers. You can only hope his
coach keeps him glued to the bench his entire career.
vs. Buffalo
W, 50-21
Ellis goes 16 of 19 for 363 yards and 6 TDs.
at Maryland
W, 34-30
Hoos prevail despite LaMont Jordan's 306 rushing
yards. In case you're wondering, LaMont is French for
"the Mont."
vs. Illinois
(Micronpc.com Bowl)
L, 63-21
This game sucked.
Awards & Honors:
Thomas Jones: Consensus 1st Team All-American; 1st Team All-
America by Associated Press, Football News, Football Writers
Association of America, the Walter Camp Foundation, The Sporting
News, College & Pro Football Newsweekly, CBS Sportsline,
Football Digest, and College Football Digest; 2nd Team All-America
by CollegeFootballNews.com; Honorable Mention All-America by
cnnsi.com; 1st Team All-ACC
John St. Clair: 1st Team All-America by CollegeFootballNews.com,
cnnsi.com, and College Football Digest; 2nd Team All-America by
Football News; 1st Team All-ACC; recipient of Jacobs Blocking
Noel LaMontagne: 1st Team All-America by The Sporting News;
2nd Team All-America by College & Pro Football Newsweekly; 1st
Team All-ACC
Shannon Taylor: 2nd Team All-ACC
Byron Thweatt: 2nd Team All-ACC
Billy Baber: Honorable Mention All-ACC
Brad Barnes: Honorable Mention All-ACC
Casey Crawford: Honorable Mention All-ACC
Antwan Harris: Honorable Mention All-ACC
Yubrenal Isabelle: Honorable Mention All-ACC
Donnie Scott: Honorable Mention All-ACC
Johnny Shivers: Honorable Mention All-ACC
Jerton Evans: 1st Team Freshman All-America by Football News;
2nd Team All-Freshman by The Sporting News
Chris Williams: 1st Team All-Freshman by The Sporting News; 2nd
Team All-America by Football News
Captains: Travis Griffith, Thomas Jones, Noel LaMontagne, Byron
Players Drafted: Thomas Jones, 1st Round (7), Cardinals; John St.
Clair, 3rd Round (94), Rams; Shannon Taylor, 6th Round (184),
Chargers; Antwan Harris, 6th Round (187), Patriots
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