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2007 Season
Coach: Al Groh  Record: 9-4   ACC: 6-2   Home: 5-2  Away: 4-2   Neutral: 0-1   PF: 317   PA: 256
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Passing: Jameel Sewell, 214-364, 2176 yards, 12 TDs, 9 INTs
Rushing: Cedric Peerman, 113 carries, 585 yards, 5 TDs
Receptions: Mikell Simpson, 43 catches, 2 TDs
Receiving Yards: Tom Santi, 418 yards, 3 TDs
Scoring: Chris Gould, 83 points
Tackles: John Copper, 109
Tackles for Loss: Chris Long, 19
Sacks: Chris Long, 14
Interceptions: Ras-I Dowling, John Copper, Jeffrey Fitzgerald, 2
Game Notes
at Wyoming
L, 23-3
I was supposed to go to this game with a bunch of my friends
from college but had to bail at the last minute. After the game,
one of my buddies (who's 39, mind you) apparently spent a
large portion of the evening vomiting into a plastic bag. On a
related note, the Hoos unveiled their vaunted "Bag of Vomit"
offense for this game (5 first downs, -3 rushing yards).
vs. Duke
W, 24-13
Duke's football program is great. For me to poop on.
at UNC
W, 22-20
Officiating 101: Kicks that go over the crossbar are generally
awarded 3 points. (I'm talking to you, Flinchy McFlinchalot.)  
vs. Georgia Tech
W, 28-23
Beating Georgia Tech always puts a little hop in my step. Not
that I'm still bitter about 1990 or anything.
vs. Pitt
W, 44-14
The Hoos dominate despite 120 yards and two TDs from Dave
Wannestadt's mustache.
at Middle
Tennessee State
W, 23-21
Wasn't this game supposed to be a gimme?
vs. Connecticut
W, 17-16
Before we scheduled this game, I honestly had no idea that
UConn even had a football team.
at Maryland
W, 18-17
I'm pretty sure Terps QB Napoleon Dynamite is still picking
pieces of turf out of his perm after
being broken in half by Chris
at NC State
L, 29-24
The close game magic finally ends.
vs. #21 Wake Forest
W, 17-16
at Miami
W, 48-0
Final game in the Orange Bowl turns into an embarrassing loss
for head coach Randy Shannon. Not quite as embarrassing as
the fact that
Shannon doesn't know how old his own son is, but
embarrassing nonetheless.
vs. #8 Virginia Tech
L, 33-21
Hoos honor former Hokie Bruce Smith at halftime, require Chris
Long to count "five Mississippi" before rushing the quarterback
in the second half.
vs. Texas Tech
(Gator Bowl)
L, 31-28
Tough loss, but a great season in what many people expected
to be a down year.
Blue jersey, blue pants
vs Pitt
Blue jersey, white pants
vs Duke; vs Georgia Tech; vs UConn; vs Wake Forest; vs Virginia
Tech; vs Texas Tech
White jersey, blue pants
@ Wyoming
White jersey, white pants
@ UNC; @ Middle Tennessee State; @ Maryland; @ NC State; @
Captains: Branden Albert, Chris Long, Tom Santi
Awards & Honors:
Chris Long: Unanimous All-American selection; 1st Team All-America
by the AP, the American Football Coaches Association, The Sporting
News, The Walter Camp Football Foundation, and the Football Writers
of America Association, CBSSports.com, CollegeFootballNews.com,
CNN.com, ESPN.com, Pro Football Weekly, Rivals.com, and the
American Football Foundation; 1st Team All-ACC; 2007 Ted Hendricks
Defensive End of the Year Award; ACC Defensive Player of the Year;
finalist for the Lombardi, Nagurski, and Lott awards; 10th in the
Heisman Trophy balloting.
Branden Albert: 2nd Team All-America by CollegeFootballNews.com;
3rd Team All-America by the AP; Honorable Mention All-America by
Pro Football Weekly; 1st Team All-ACC.
Tom Santi: 2nd Team All-ACC; recipient of the James E. Tatum Award.
Ryan Weigand: Honorable Mention All-America by
CollegeFootballNews.com; 2nd Team All-ACC.
Eugene Monroe: Honorable Mention All-ACC.
Ras-I Dowling: Honorable Mention Freshman All-America by
CollegeFootballNews.com; ACC All-Freshman Team by The Sporting
Players Drafted: Chris Long, 1st Round (2), Rams; Branden Albert,1st
Round (15), Chiefs;
Tom Santi, 6th Round (196), Colts
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