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1984 Peach Bowl - Howard Petty, TB (Offense)
1984 Peach Bowl - Ray Daly, CB (Defense)
1987 All American Bowl -
Scott Secules, QB
1991 Gator Bowl - Tyrone Lewis, S (Defense)
1994 Independence Bowl - Mike Groh, QB (Offense)
1994 Independence Bowl - Mike Frederick, DE (Defense)
1995 Peach Bowl - Tiki Barber, TB (Offense)
1995 Peach Bowl - Skeet Jones, LB (Defense)
2002 Continental Tire Bowl -
Wali Lundy, TB
2003 Continental Tire Bowl - Matt Schaub, QB
2005 Music City Bowl - Marques Hagans, QB
2008 Gator Bowl - Chris Long, DE (Defense)