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UVA Football - Random Musings
UVA's All-Time NFL Team - Special Teams Starters
I was thinking about UVA's recent run of former players being selected in the early rounds of the NFL
draft awhile back and started wondering what an all-time, all-Wahoo NFL roster would look like. I
decided to fill out the 53-player roster in four parts:
defensive starters, offensive starters, special teams
starters, and reserves.  The special teams starters appear below.
Michael Husted
Husted was a starting kicker in the NFL for seven seasons (six
in Tampa Bay and one in Oakland), during which time he
averaged close to 85 points per season.  For his career, Husted
made 71% of his field goal attempts.
Punter &
Return Specialist
Bill Dudley
One of only two former Hoos in the Pro Football Hall of Fame
and a three-time Pro Bowler, "Bullet Bill" could fill a variety of
roles on this team.  As a punter, Dudley averaged close to 38
yards per punt for his career, and his 43.8 average in 1947 was
the second-highest in the league.  In addition, Dudley was one
of the most dangerous return men in the NFL.  He led the
league in kick return average in 1942 (27.1 yards per return)
and finished third in 1947 (23.9 yards per return).  Dudley was
an even better punt returner.  He led the league in return
average in 1946 (14.3 yards per return), and finished third in
1950 (15.4) and fourth in 1942 (13.6).  Furthermore, his career
average of 12.2 yards per punt return is among the highest in
league history.

In addition to his punting and return duties, Dudley could act as
the backup kicker (he led the league in field goal percentage in
1951). And a backup defensive back (he picked off an NFL-high
10 passes in 1946).  AND a backup running back (he led the
league in rushing yards in 1942 and 1946). In short, Bullet Bill
was a full-on badass.
Long Snapper
Ryan Kuehl
After bouncing around early in his career, Kuehl found his niche
as a long-snapper. He parlayed this skill into an 11-year career
with the Redskins, Browns, and Giants.