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MVP= : Chris Long - 2 tackles, 2 sacks (Win; 3-3)
Name Team Position Statistics
Snelling, Jason Atlanta Falcons Running Back 3 rushes for 17 y= ards; 2 reception for 10 yards (Loss; 4-2)
Stupar, Jonathan Buffalo Bills Tight End Bye week (0-5)
Jackson, Rashawn Carolina Panthers= Fullback Bye week (0-5)
Peerman, Cedric Cincinnati Bengal= s Running Back Bye week (2-3)
St. Clair, John Cleveland Browns<= /td> Offensive Tackle Out - injured (Lo= ss; 1-5)
Ogletree, Kevin Dallas Cowboys Wide Receiver Did not play (Los= s; 1-4)
Phillips, John Dallas Cowboys Tight End On injured reserv= e (Loss; 1-4)
Ekejiuba, Isaiah Detroit Lions Linebacker 1 tackle, 1 assis= t (Loss; 1-5)
Schaub, Matt Houston Texans Quarterback 25-33, 305 yards,= 2 TDs (Win; 4-2)
Monroe, Eugene Jacksonville Jagu= ars Offensive Tackle Started at tackle= for the sixth straight week (Loss; 3-3)
Albert, Branden Kansas City Chief= s Offensive Tackle Started at tackle= for the fifth straight week (Loss; 3-2)
Jones, Thomas Kansas City Chief= s Running Back 19 rushes for 100= yards, 1 TD; 1 reception for 10 yards (Loss; 3-2)
Cook, Chris Minnesota Vikings= Cornerback Out - injured (2-= 3)
Canty, Chris New York Giants Defensive Tackle 1 tackle, 1 force= d fumble (Win; 4-2)
Collins, Nate New York Giants Defensive Tackle On Practice Squad= (Win; 4-2)
Sintim, Clint New York Giants Linebacker 1 tackle, 1 assis= t (Win; 4-2)
Ferguson, D'Brickashaw New York Jets Offensive Tackle = Started at tackle for the sixth straight week (Win; 5-1)
Farrior, James Pittsburgh Steele= rs Linebacker 3 tackles, 5 assi= sts (Win; 4-1)
Miller, Heath Pittsburgh Steele= rs Tight End 2 receptions for = 50 yards, 1 TD (Win; 4-1)
Brooks, Ahmad San Francisco 49e= rs Linebacker 2 tackles (Win; 1= -5)
Long, Chris St. Louis Rams Defensive End 2 tackles, 2 sack= s (Win; 3-3)
Barber, Ronde Tampa Bay Buccane= ers Cornerback 7 tackles, 1 assi= st (Loss; 3-2)
Barker, Will Tampa Bay Buccane= ers Offensive Tackle On Practice Squad= (Loss; 3-2)
Blackstock, Darryl Free Agent Linebacker  
Crowell, Angelo Free Agent Linebacker  
Hagans, Marques Free Agent Wide Receiver  
Hall, Vic Free Agent Wide Receiver  
Mines, Fontel Free Agent Tight End  
Pearman, Alvin Free Agent Running Back  
Santi, Tom Free Agent Tight End