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"It is the most important victory of my career." -- Head Coach Dick Voris, after the
Hoos’ 15-12 victory over Duke on September 27, 1958.  Voris finished his UVA career
with a record of 1-29.
"We've stopped recruiting young men who want to come here to be students first and
athletes second." -- Former Virginia head coach Sonny Randle, describing his strategy
for turning around UVA's football program
"As the score mounted, to 20-0 and finally 26-0, his movements slowed. With two
minutes to go and South Carolina threatening once more, Voris stood behind several
rows of substitutes, staring at his shoes." -- Sports Illustrated, describing Coach Voris’
stellar coaching performance during the Hoos’ 26-0 loss to South Carolina in 1960
"Really, Texas wasn't as good as I thought they'd be." -- Ted Manly, Virginia's
freshman quarterback, after Texas had spanked the Hoos 68-0
5 Questions with Tavon Mason
Tavon Mason played wide receiver and returned kickoffs for Virginia from
1998-2001.  As a redshirt freshman in 1999, Mason played in all 11 games,
finishing with 12 catches for 131 yards and a touchdown and carrying the ball 3
times for 47 yards and another touchdown.  In addition, Mason led the team in
kickoff returns and finished 6th in all-purpose yards with 354.

In 2000, Mason once again scored through the air (8 receptions for 124 yards and
1 touchdown) and on the ground (5 carries for 60 yards and 1 touchdown).  He
also led the team in kickoff returns for the second straight season, improving his
average from 19.6 to 21.6 yards per return, and he finished 3rd on the team in
all-purpose yards with 530.

In 2001, Mason significantly improved his receiving numbers, finishing with a
career-high 30 receptions (4th on the team) for 341 yards (3rd on the team) and 2
touchdowns.  In addition, Mason led the team in kickoff returns for the 3rd straight
season and once again significantly increased his return average (from 21.6 to
25.6 yards per return).  Among Mason's highlights were a 100-yard kickoff return
against Georgia Tech, the longest in school history, and a 100-yard receiving day
against Duke, which included 4 catches for 100 yards and a touchdown.  Mason
finished the season with a career-high 822 all-purpose yards, 3rd most on the

These days, Mason lives in his hometown of Baltimore, where he works with
special needs and at-risk kids and runs his own personal bootcamp training for
adults.  He also has been training to make a comeback in football, and says
everyone should keep an eye out for him this year.  You can keep up with Mason
by following him on Twitter (@TMASON18).  
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1. During your time at Virginia, you scored touchdowns three different ways –
rushing, receiving, and on a kickoff return. If you could go back and score one more
touchdown any way you wanted, what would you do?

Hmmmm, if I had a chance to score a different way I think it would be two ways, first by
punt return, about an 80 yard return, and second to be put on defense for a series and
get an interception and run it back.

2. Other than you, who was the fastest guy at UVa when you were there?

While I was there we had a few fast guys, Art Thomas, Marquis Weeks,  Antoine
Womack had speed for his size, [so did] Thomas Jones, Patrick Kerney, and all of our
LBs. Also Muff Curry.  It's a wide range.

3. You played for both Coach Welsh and Coach Groh.  From a player's perspective,
how were they different?

Coach Welsh was your military old school coach and a college players coach, and
Coach Groh was a business coach, because of his experience in the NFL he
demanded excellence and a winning mentality.

4. Who was the funniest guy you played with at UVa?

The funniest guy to me during my time at UVA was Jermaine Lauzon, he always stayed
with a joke or making fun of people or acting silly when we would be out in Cville.

5. What's your favorite memory from your time in Charlottesville?

My favorite memory was my parents and daughter standing on the field before my last
game at Scott Stadium recognizing us seniors. And also the day I ran the kick back
against Georgia Tech, carving my name in UVA history forever.
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